1. Powerful Sexual Energy
  • last longer
  • let go of fear
  • be fully present with her
2. Better technique than 99% of lovers out there
  • separate ejaculation from orgasm
  • if she… what do I do?
  • I’ll teach you what to do.
3. Enlightened Spiritual & Sexual Practices


What is Sex, Really and What is it for?

- Exercise – Centering, Awareness of the Masculine and Feminine

Levels of Sex and Energy. Being Sex

- Exercise – Widening the Experience, Experiencing Now

Penetrating Deeply, Mind Body Spirit

- Exercise – Circle Breathing, Claiming the Feminine

Great Sex Every Time…On Purpose

- Exercise – Go Fuck Yourself



This course is designed as an introduction for men to consciously and powerfully lead in their relationships, valuing the human heart’s desire for better and more sustainable sexual interaction as an essential basis for a harmonious relationship and love life. With a greater understanding of Energy, Love, Romantic Infatuation, Sexual Polarity, Sexual Technique, and Spirituality, men leave this course with tools, knowledge, and mindsets to begin to live lives full of sexual expression that is inseparable from their expression as a spiritual being.


Key concepts

i. Masculine and Feminine energies and Sexual Polarity

ii. Love

iii. Romantic Infatuation

iv. Sexual Essence

v. Three Stages/Moments of Life

(1) Need

(2) Equality

(3) For All

vi. Seven Levels of Consciousness/Energy in Sex

(1) Apathy, nothing

(2) Competition, me

(3) Reconciliation, I win and so will you, if possible

(4) Compassion/Love, you

(5) Opportunity, we win

(6) Joy, everything is a win, we are connected

(7) Transcendence, there is no me, only we

vii. The Gifts of the Masculine

(1) Purpose

(2) Direction

(3) Going Deep

(4) Desires

(a) Freedom

(b) Solidness

(c) To Claim the Feminine – to reunite/enter

viii. The Gifts of the Feminine

(1) Love/Connection

(2) Fullness of Life Energy

(3) Wideness and Wildness

(4) Desire

(a) To Be Seen/Experienced as Light

(b) To Be Claimed/Accepted – take me if you dare

(c) Fullness of flow

ix. Breath of Death and Breath of Life

(1) Breathing Purpose

(2) Circle Breathing

x. The Six Levels of Sexuality – What is Sex For?

(1) Genetic - reproduction

(2) Physiological – pleasure

(3) Cultural – acceptance

(4) Emotional – fulfillment

(5) Yogic – healing/rejuvenation

(6) Spiritual – communion with the Divine

xi. Spirituality Every day, Every moment

(1) Expressing You Gifts of Consciousness and Purpose

(2) Allowing the Feminine to Flow and Energize You

(3) Individually, With Your Partner, With the World

(4) Recognizing Your Feminine and Your Masculine

xii. Techniques

(1) Female Orgasm

(a) Clitoral – physiological, pleasant sneeze

(b) Vaginal – trust, deep emotional experience

(c) Cervical – total surrender, deep spiritual experience

(d) Other – body specific

(2) Male Orgasm

(a) What normally happens – Down and Out

(b) Separating Ejaculation from Orgasm

(c) Raising Levels of Orgasm/Full Body Orgasm/Multiple Orgasms

xiii. Dark and Light Aspects of Sexuality

(1) M. Freedom (Trapped)

(2) F. To Be Seen (Ignored)

(3) To Ravish v.

(4) Emptiness and Simplicity and Fullness and Variety

(5) The Warrior and the Divine Seductress

(6) Letting Go of Second Stage Control (Nice Guys and Power Women)

(7) “Sex and violence

xiv. Sexual Practice

(1) Centering or Experiencing/Shifting Polarity

(2) Expanding Love’s Reach

(3) Polarity – Navigate Sex Deeper

(4) Awareness of Sexual Energy/Moving Energy

(5) Individual Sexual Practice – Go Fuck Yourself!

(6) The Butterfly Effect – Making Spiritual Love

(7) Connection/Communication

(8) Fullness of Experience

(9) Beginning Couple Practice

xv. Raising One’s Energy

(1) Sex Expressions Through the Seven Levels

(2) Sexual Expressions (Levels) and Their Benefit

(3) Affirmation and Validation

(4) Judgement v. Love

(5) Consciousness as Masculine

(6) Energy as Feminine

xvi. Types of Sexual Relationships

(1) Monogamy/Polyamory

(2) “Plutonic”

(3) Textures of Energy, Variety

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