You are a man.

Stop apologizing for wanting a great life, love, and relationship.

You Want More:

- affection, love & sex

- proven leadership strategies

- rock solid confidence & mojo

You want LESS:

- paralyzing fear

- rejection

- disrespect

You Want to Learn:

- who you REALLY are as a man

- how to turn her on now

- ninja-level relationship skills


Men's Group coaching



  • 6 month, 18-session advanced coaching group with other men


  • Powerfully relaunch your love life in a tribe of other supportive men


  • Privacy of online Zoom calls within your home and connection over private forum


  • First 3 Tuesdays of each month - Take last week off for break and self coaching

The biggest milestone game changer for me was accepting the reality of what just happened. Version 1.0 of my life was over, and Version 2.0 is undefined.

Jim, Ohio

I’m a work in progress, but I need to lead my own relationship with the same aplom and vigor I lead in the other areas of my life.

Steve, Georgia

Here is a summary of our 6-month “ReLaunch Your Love Life” coaching intensive proposal for you:


Intensive Coaching Package Description


It's about getting:

A strategy and discipline to work on yourself and change how you want to operate as a man.

A powerful new mindset that empowers you to give, love and connect more deeply because you're finally doing that within yourself first.

This mindset allows empathy, trust and connection to happen because you're confident you're okay - no matter what.

A new set of skills and knowledge nobody ever teaches men when we're younger.


Skills and knowledge that make you feel confident and in control even when chaos is going on around you.

Focus. Mental clarity that allows you to focus on the things that matter and let go of the negative thinking and bad habits that are derailing you now.

Energy. A plan to relax - get comfortable and pace yourself. Stop giving a f*ck about everything and reserving energy for being the way you want to live.


Eliminate the people, places, habits and things that have been draining you of energy.


Replace those with new sources that energize and inspire you.


Choosing to hire a coach is obviously a step in that direction.



The intent of this program is to create an intense and permanent SHIFT in your mindset in order to become the man you want to be.


While we will cover tools, tactics and strategies to navigate your short-term goals, this program is about your TRANSFORMATION for long-term personal success – in every aspect of life, love and personal mission.


The man you want to be operates to his own set of rules, non-negotiable terms and expectations of himself and FOR himself.  It’s this man who calmly and confidently creates any reality he wants while being independent of any specific outcome.



A custom coaching package designed specifically for YOUR situation and getting results like these:

  • Claim your masculine guiding principles and personal boundaries

  • Reignite your confidence in your own strength and ability to respond to women powerfully and attractively

  • Get massive confidence in your decision making and communication of your desires and goals

  • Become an unapologetically masculine and passionate man

  • Learn the truth about feminine power and how you should be “dancing with it” instead of fighting it

  • Develop a bold new attitude of pushing your comfort zone and eliminating excuses from your life

  • Embrace uncertainty and change knowing without a doubt that you will thrive no matter what

  • No longer walk on eggshells around women and claim your place as a powerful, loving, compassionate man

  • Create positive sensual tension everywhere you go and enjoy the life of an inspired, engaged, motivated and sexual man.

  • Eighteen laser focused 90-minute Zoom group coaching sessions designed to teach skills, provide new insight, and directly address personal questions and problems being faced at that very moment.

  • Weekly homework assignments

  • Strategic reading assignments are hand-picked for your specific needs and place in the coaching process.


Topics include​:

  • Creating your non-negotiable values

  • Being a man a woman wants and can’t resist

  • Growing self-respect and massive self-confidence

  • Understanding a man’s journey to become an unhappy “goodguy”

  • Defining and owning YOUR unique masculine frame and mindset

  • How to make even the most difficult decisions in your life and relationship

  • Sex and sensuality in long-term relationships

  • Navigating the masculine/feminine dance and creating sexual tension and polarity

  • Upon beginning the program, you will be eligible to join a private, exclusive invitation-only men’s group. You will be able to join other initiated men who have done the same work and can share guidance, support, personal struggles and success stories.  This will keep you focused, engaged, motivated and accountable to stay on track and continue creating the life you want.

  • Package Price is 6-monthly payments of $597/mo US. This includes a guarantee that if, for any reason you decide you’re not getting the value you expected by the end of our third session, you can stop the program with no obligation to make the remaining payments.  No refund is made for the first payment.


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"You can go back and forth all you want - it’s your fault, it’s her fault - but as the masculine in the relationship it’s incumbent upon you to lead. And once you realize that, okay, one way or the other you’re going to have to be the solution. It’s empowering because the issue is in your hands to solve."

- Aaron, Washington



"When I acknowledged that I was a part of what was making her unhappy, she reached back out to me and now we talk almost every day."

- Geoff, Chicago





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