The Feminine Perspective: She Wants to Feel Your Spearhead ;)

Oct 14, 2020
feminine energy


 When a man is all talk and no action, I don’t want to surrender to him.  If he gets overwhelmed by commitments he’s made and finds excuses why he can’t follow a desired daily routine, pursuit of his mission, or meditation practice, my stomach hurts.  My muscles feel his lack of confidence and self regard and begin to tighten, holding me upright and rigid  in order to feel grounded in his whirlwind. 


Surrendering to a man sexually in this tightened place feels like being asked to shed a winter jacket while standing naked in the cold.


One of the most powerful energies I have ever experienced in this world is a man’s ability to create momentum.  His smallest disciplined actions each day are the stepping stones he places around his space and the relationship I get to share with him. The more stones he places, the more I walk with certainty as if beneath my feet was always the river and his daily decisive actions create the ground on which I can walk and stay dry. 


When a man rises each day moving his mission forward in the world with desire and discipline, his momentum feels like a battleship.  It is solid and yet alive with passion as he leans into the unknown, trusting in his daily habits, knowing that even in moments of self-doubt, exhaustion, or challenge, he has what it takes.


  1. He trusts his ability to actively take the reins of life and fucking mount the dragon. 


  1. He dances in the present moment always with a spear pointed at the grand plan and the bigger picture. 


  1. He is continually aware of his emotional state and the emotional state of those around him.  He knows that acting like a little boy is not attractive. 


  1. He knows what growth mindset means and he lives it as a way of life. 


She Wants Your Discipline & Your Desire- It Makes Her Feel Proud


A man who is moving his desires forward in the world with discipline is delicious. When I watch a man act in the world with determination, leaning into the unknown, consciously reframing his efforts, I get weak in the knees and I feel proud.


Proud to know him.

Proud to be in his sphere.

Proud to put my mouth on him.

Proud to see his spear. 


Bad: When a man is all talk and no action it TIGHTENS and CLOSES a woman’s body when she is around him.  


Good: When he is practicing discipline in his Emotional, Behavioral, and Spiritual Confidence, his momentum OPENS HER and FILLS HER with attraction and pride. 



  • Break down what seems too large to tackle into ridiculously small actions. 
  • Do whatever you have to do to make the next 1 step happen.
  • Do it with who-gives-a-fuck confidence and a smile. 


Most Sincerely,

Cynthia Kruse


[Here is Your Morning Kingly Plan]

Your Morning Kingly Plan

(Sit on Your Throne = Toilet)

Step Zero : Get up…

  1. Appreciation
  2. Read something inspirational
  3. What do I know to be true?


  1. What doesn't work for me?
  2. What's the opposite? What do I want?


  1. 1-3 questions that inspire my purpose
  2. What is the next kingly step I believe I can achieve?