She Wants to Feel Your Discipline & Your Desire

Oct 14, 2020
couple in nature



“Whoever then wishes to be free, let him neither wish for anything nor flee from anything that depends on others: otherwise he must be a slave.”

                             -Epictetus, Enchiridion 14




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Brother, put your money where your mouth is.

You say you want to:

Brother, put your money where your mouth is.
Feel confident no matter what

Have the ability to stay calm 

And a woman who loves to give you blow jobs


Women are very attracted to men who pursue their desires with discipline.  They are turned off by limp convictions and lack of follow through. 


Hell, I know discipline isn’t easy. 

It feels like death if you have to do something day after day that you hate.
And it's even worse to wake up in the morning without a plan, without goals, and without passion for what you are about to do.


You think, 

“What’s the point?”

“This is a waste of my time.”

“I am worthless.”


It makes you angry and ineffective, trapped like a wasp stuck between two panes of glass.  And you and I both know, she doesn’t want your stinger when you have nowhere to strike. 


In order to pursue your desires with discipline, you have to have vision, purpose, and values that fuel your actions.  You cannot be just going through the motions or be on autopilot. 


Well you can, but you can’t expect her to want to suck your cock when your spear head into the world is stuck in the dirt. 


At 18 I graduated highschool and went to college because that is what I was “supposed to do.”  That was the story I thought would make me a man: graduate highschool, go to college, get a great paying job.  


I did that and got through each day of my degree with the overwhelming feeling that 80% of my classes were a waste of time.  Despite going through periods of depression and illness,  I graduated school, got a good job, and married my college girlfriend thinking I was checking all the right boxes for a good, mature, grounded, successful life. 


The truth was, every day I woke up with zero passion. Before becoming the man I am today, a morning routine for me was just going through the motions.


However, there was one discipline I adopted that made me feel alive and sourced in my vision, purpose, and values.  Before and after work, instead of taking the train,  I would walk the 30 minutes to and from my building looking at the architecture, the trees, listening to the sounds all around me, and breathing with what I now know as the practice of presence. 


Momentum begins with ridiculously small steps. Building on ridiculously small steps creates habits. 


How Do I Throw Logs on the Fire and Fuel My Desire and Discipline?

The hotter the fire, the easier it is to do the small moment to moment actions that lead to the experience of discipline. 


  1. Lie to yourself. To shift that deeply ingrained shitty habit, you must actively change your judgement of what you are about to do. 

Ie. “I like getting up the first time the alarm goes off because…”


  1. What’s gonna get me more pussy? Let’s be real. Yes, enlightenment, awareness, consciousness... and more pussy. It’s yes/and, not either/or.

  1. If I didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought, what would I build? A business? An end table? A man cave? Even if it took you 5 years to do it, would you smile along the way? Do it 15 minutes at a time. Focus on those 15 minutes and don’t worry about anything past that.  String together enough 15 minute segments and you can do anything.  Fuck what anyone else thinks. 


These are the ridiculously small steps that build momentum giving you the behavioral confidence that makes you feel like the man you have always wanted to be:

Cool, Calm, Confident, and Attractive.  

Put your commitments in your calendar, get an accountability partner, or download whatever fucking app you gotta use to make it happen. 

Be disciplined in the present moment. Focus on the 15 minutes you are in now. Life happens in small bits.

Continue growing and learning in areas even if you feel that you are good at them.  Don’t assume you know everything. Don’t be that asshole. 



Jeff Allen