Are you living a life of endless excuses?

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Here's how to stop.



Is fear controlling your life? Is your mind flooded with anxiety and concern? Are you driven by the desire to fix what's wrong with your marriage, but feel paralyzed?

Your fearful mind thinks:


  • I need to fix my marriage.
  • I want to be done reacting.
  • I need to regain control.


Are you driven by fear? Are you compromising yourself in an effort to fix your marriage? Stop covering up and making excuses. You are most likely doing what your instincts are telling you to do. Your instincts are pushing you to make sure in the end you know you did whatever it took to hold your marriage together.  That way, if it still doesn’t work out, you know it isn’t your fault.


Tortured by fear, your monkey mind waking you up in the middle of the night, FEAR becomes your excuse for not living life as the high-value, grounded, self-reliant man that you.


One way is to let yourself know that no matter what, you're going to be okay.


  • In  the end, everything will work out and be fine.


  • It’s understandable to want to fix everything but remember, you can’t fix everything.


When you make this kind of peace  with yourself, you prepare your mind for whatever is coming. This way, you're not  afraid of the possible outcomes because you're already okay with what it is no matter  how heartbreaking it may seem.


Women can feel your fear.  Their bodies will tighten up around you without even realizing it.  All they know is that they can’t relax around you and want their space.  When a man is not making fearful excuses in his head  and is at peace and confident with his own choices, a woman will relax and trust him more.  Only then can she feel attracted to him. 


  • She may even smile to herself wondering, “What’s suddenly so different about him?”


  • She could begin to have memories and warm sensations in her body remembering the intimacy and affection of experiences when she first met you.


If you are a man who is finding his strong inner self - the confident version that owns himself, but still can’t quite reach a full picture of the new life and balance he is structuring, it's ok.  


The absence of fear does not equal perfection.  You are still the King of your own life.  However, one thing a King must do is connect his mind and body.  His fearless mind must have vision and his body must feel the possibilities of all he is creating in his kingdom.


As the King of his life, a man CAN ignite any type of energy within his body he wants.


  • How does he do this? By being around the vision, focus, and energy of initiated men regularly.



An excerpt from Creating the Impossible, by Michael Neil : 


Thought is the paint with which our reality is created. We think and speak that paint onto the canvas of our consciousness and then experience the painting as if it’s real. But no matter how many times we’ve painted the same picture, it’s still just one of a million possible pictures that could be painted on that blank canvas. ...They’re a representation of a possible reality – one tiny sliver of an infinite creative potential.


You need to learn  to get rid of the paralyzing fears you have that are a result of it. Reducing your fear means  getting fewer rejections in your marriage. You can't rule out completely being  turned down but it can be reduced to the barest minimum.


  • Set an example for other men, be a leader and a proper role model to your kids.


  • Don’t be the superhero that magically fixes everything, but the mature unburdened Hero who lets the world feel his infinite potential. 


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