Get Her into Her Feminine

confident man marriage advice men's coaching relationship advice relationship coaching Sep 30, 2020

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She has a masculine killer side, like you do. 


I hate to break it to you brother,

 When she comes home aggravated and upset with all the shit that happened at work. 

 She’s ready to do battle with you. 


Can that be sexy? Sure.
But not when the warpath is strewn with the remnants of judgment, criticism, and her attempts to “out man” you.


 She doesn’t want you to collapse.

She doesn’t want to be soothed.

She doesn’t want you to shame her for showing her Monster to you. 



She wants to tussle with you. 

 Now, use the power of your dark side. 

She wants to do battle?

Meet her in that place.

Is she roaring?

Dance in it with her.

Does she want to kill?

Meet her masculine with your masculine. 


When she is in her masculine, 
Meet her in that place and play with it.


“Oh yeah? Who did you have to kill today?”

“I love how you could just blow up the whole world right now.”

“Make them walk the plank!”


 Then, once you’ve given her the tussle she was wanting, lead her into her feminine:

  1. Keep your frame rooted and deep.
  2. Connect to the present moment.
  3. Dance with her storm. 


For example:

  • Move her in space. Ask her to come over to you, or take her hand and change location. This resets the energy and sets the frame.

  • Say, “What else? Tell me more about that.”

  • See her emotions flow and appreciate her femininity. The feminine grows with appreciation and praise. Offer her appreciation and praise without attachment to outcome. This is your spiritual practice.


The masculine grows through challenge. This is your challenge. 
Use the power of your dark side to tussle with her Monster. Then lead her into her feminine.


She will feel valued AND be more receptive to your invitations. 

Jeff Allen