How to stay in love

marriage advice relationship advice relationship coaching Apr 02, 2021

We want the honeymoon phase to last forever. We want things to be "perfect" like they were in the beginning. We want passionate sex back in our relationship and closeness and deep intimacy.

Yes, it's normal and healthy to want these things.

However, "trying to go back to the way things were" is the WRONG PATH. This attempt, this strategy will backfire. She DOESN'T WANT to feel like she did in the past. Right now, her feelings about the past relationship are tainted by her feelings in this present moment. AND, she wants to feel like she's in a love affair, a romance novel, and dramatic movie. She DOESN'T want to feel like things are going backwards.

Be ready, willing, and able to LEAD the next version of the marriage (or your next relationship) into a phase of newness, fresh perspective, and attractive seduction. Stop trying to recreate the past.

Watch to the end of today's video for The Cherry On Top - Don't Make This Huge Mistake or suffer the consequences.