Why you are successful in everything BUT your marriage and WHAT TO DO about it

confident man men's coaching Jul 26, 2021

Beyond autopilot - Where do we begin our journey as a man?  

“How am I messing up the soul-level connection with my wife?”

“How am I being shallow and don't know it?”

“How do I connect with my wife again?”

“How do I get her heart back?" 


I feel your anguish. 


I know you are confused by the state of your marriage.


It is natural to feel like the space of your relationship is a difficult and painful place to be.  


  • Maybe she's punishing you for the past. 
  • Maybe she won’t let you in even a little bit no matter what you do.
  • Maybe she treats your children in a way you wish she wouldn’t.

It’s painful. It’s difficult. It’s not fair.



AND, you’ve set up this scenario unconsciously.  You’ve set up this scenario because of your past wounding and the "karmic need” to learn from and overcome this situation. 


It’s not your “fault” - you have this “karma.” 


But it is your responsibility to learn from it, grow your skills to handle it, heal your traumas, and use boundaries and other specific skills to put yourself in more and more “healthy” situations and relationships. 


I know you are exhausted.  That’s understandable and okay.  Yes, you need a break.  Yes, your situation has many demands. 


AND, you absolutely control and setup your circumstances. The question is not IF you have the autonomy to change your circumstances but HOW to gain more control of yourself, your skills, your emotional control and self-responsibility of your situation.


This is THE UP-LEVELING of yourself as an ambitious and high-value man:


  • Beyond therapy.
  • Beyond Red Pill. 

I know you honor women and want to have long-term monogamous relationship.


But you need NEW skills in today's culture to make this happen.


You NEED TO KNOW philosophically and spiritually what these terms means to you as a man, your marriage, your community, and the world. Mind, body, and soul; this is where you begin to up-level your life as a man.



“We need a great rebirth of the heroic in our world,” says Moore and Gillette in King, Warrior, Magician, Lover“Against enormous odds, the Hero picks up his sword and charges into the heart of the abyss, into the mouth of the dragon… If we are in the passive pole of the Hero’s bipolar shadow... we will lack the motivation to achieve anything of significance for human life.  But if we access the hero energy appropriately, we will push ourselves up against our limitations.  We will adventure to the frontiers of what we can be.”


  • You want more passion, connection, and intimacy in your marriage?
  • You want more respect, love, and direction in your relationship?
  • You want to know exactly what to do to get more hugs, kisses, and affection again?



Join me, Jeff Allen, and coaches Sven Masterson and Mark Drezga for episode 4 of the Masters in Manhood Podcast.