Most women would never admit this, but it’s true!

marriage advice men's coaching relationship advice Apr 19, 2021

She says I don't understand her. She says I don't connect with her.

She gets so angry when I don't respond. Am I doing something wrong?

Women deeply want to feel understood - not by words but by FEELING and expression. So if she's really mad and she wants to feel you "get it," that means she wants you to jump into the pool of anger with her.

Now, don't get pulled into the crab bucket just because she wants that in the moment. YOU must decide HOW you feel the emotions she's sharing and expressing.

Does your ego get bruised? Do you take it personally and try and fix her or correct her? None of this will be effective, and she'll think you're "not getting it" if you get defensive.

Watch today's video to learn how to "feel her storm without getting sucked into it."

Watch to the end for The Cherry on Top where I model exactly how to do this.


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