Pick Your Battles

Mar 31, 2021

She may be upset. She may be acting irrationally. She may be pushing you away right now. EVEN IF THIS IS THE CASE, being annoyed with her will push her further away.

There's a better choice - instead of acting/being annoyed with her, take time to decide - what's really important to you?

Is THIS a hill you're willing to die on? If so, simply state that fact. There's no need to be annoyed. She'll either respect your boundary and change, or she won't. Either way, this bring clarity.

Is this NOT a hill you're willing to die on? Then drop the annoyed, entitled attitude and move on with the next thing in your day. Offer your service leadership to the next task in your life - kids, work, play, - whatever it may be. Acting annoyed with her will certainly NOT help her feel more relaxed, safe, and desirous of you.

On today's video I share the parable of the Empty Boat in the Fog.

If you're a man that's continually frustrated and annoyed by her actions, it's time to take a look at yourself from another angle. Get some perspective here. Let's try another take.

Have you buried anger, resentment, or despair and you're taking it out on her? Reach out to me and the other men of Great Men Move Mountains. It's time to take charge of your life, learn HOW to feel confident and attractive, and learn the SKILLS to thrive in marriage and relationship.


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