How to build Version 2.0 of your relationship

confident man marriage advice relationship advice relationship coaching Jun 11, 2021

"She made plans with the kids WITHOUT ME?! What should I do about this?"

"Why does she look at me like she hates me?"

"She says I don't understand her. Why?"

Watch today's video to learn EXACTLY HOW to handle this situation. It's start with your thinking. What's the story you're telling yourself? Are you telling yourself that she's purposefully trying to leave you out, purposefully disrespecting you, purposefully trying to make you look bad?

How you feel in this moment - high regard or low regard - is a SIGN, is an INDICATOR of your groundedness, your attachment to outcome, or your frame as a man. High mood = connected to your sacred masculinity, your frame, and your adventure. Lood mood = ungrounded, needy, scarcity. Watch today's video to learn EXACTLY how to act in this spot as a mature, attractive, mojo-filled man.

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