She says she wants space

confident man marriage advice relationship advice relationship coaching Apr 09, 2021

She wants space, again! I thought things were improving and now she says she wants more space.

As guys, we like watching the scoreboard. Who's winning and who's losing? So when we "think things are improving" on the scoreboard, we're surprised (again) when she's not happy.

The goal in relationship is not "make her happy." This sounds nice and Disneyland, but trying to always make her happy is not the path to a joyous, fulfilled life.

When you two first met, you we're trying to make her happy in every moment. You were the "self-centered, passionate, excited asshole" you were. You had opinions. You had your own goals. You did things just because you wanted to do them. Where has that man gone?

You drank the kool aid and put life on autopilot. Big mistake. Now it's time to correct course for the good of everyone in your life. You must tend to yourself first to be grounded in your masculinity, to have a chance of being attractive to her, and to be valuable to others in life.

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