The Secret to Sex

Oct 14, 2020
woman, feminine energy

The Feminine Perspective:

I know what it feels like to be on the other side of man’s anger. When he is looking at me with narrowed eyes and a tense face, his confusion and his frustration come across as a look of disgust and intense irritation.  When a man looks at me with anger, his eyes locked on me as if I was the enemy who has swindled him, the amount of nervousness in my body is like drinking 5 shots of espresso in one single gulp. 


There are two sides of me that rise up in these situations.  First is the side that  wants to make everything all better, anxious that he isn’t happy with me, and is devastated to be seen as “wrong” or “bad.”  The biggest pain I have experienced on the other side of a man’s anger is when it seems like what is deeply feminine in me is seen as “wrong” or “bad.” 


The other side of me wants to bite back.  In this case, it is like the inner nervousness has turned to the shake of a rattlesnake tail. In defensive self-protection, I want to sink my teeth into my partner and make him know all the things that I think he has done wrong as well. I want to fight fire with fire. 


But the truth is, I do want his intensity as a connected lover.

Not as a butt-hurt little boy.


She Wants Your Intensity - It Turns Her On


The answer is not to stuff the anger down. Learn to control your Hulk to move that fire with the grace and power of a tiger. Call her forth her femininity and her attraction for you with this intense energy.


The vibrancy and fire power in your being as a man is incredible.  This focused masculinity is what deep feminine craves. 


I swoon. 


Control your Hulk and your fire through a mature, grounded perspective.  Your little boy complaints are yours to process. Don’t take them out on her.  


None of us are entitled to a perfect life. There is no such thing.  Spiritual awareness is about having gratitude for life and knowing that life will have suffering - don’t take that out on her or the relationship. If you want her wet and aching for you, put positive vision and intense passion in your thoughts for her.


How DO I Transform my Anger into the Intensity that Turns Her On?


  1. Stand in front of the mirror with your feet firmly planted on the floor, knees slightly bent.


  1. Imagine that you have a  great weight at your feet that can sink you into the floor.  Feel how you could sink all the way through the floor to the center of the earth.


  1. Notice where Anger resides in your body. Can you feel its presence in your gut? Your neck? Your head?


  1. Open your arms out wide to a Victory stance.  Notice the power of your heart. Can you imagine your heart getting bigger and stronger?  What if you could enlarge your heart to fill your entire chest?


  1. Take 10 deep breaths.


A woman WANTS to feel your aliveness.  It turns her on.  She doesn’t want to be with a man who puts shackles on his passion. She wants you to turn your anger into passion for her and for life.


Most Sincerely,

Cynthia Kruse