Unhappy wife and marriage?

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She says she’s been suffering in silence for a long time.  Her unhappiness is my fault because she can't connect with me like she used to.  She said she’s miserable and exhausted from trying.  She just wants to be left alone. She says she wants space.


I THOUGHT things had been getting better.  


Guys like watching the scoreboard, right? Who's winning and who's losing? Trying to score points on the "scoreboard of your relationship" makes her angry!


This isn't Disneyland. You can't ride the roller coaster of her emotion and expect your marriage to be fixed. The goal in relationship is not "make her happy."


If you try to make your wife happy by being a "nice guy," she won't feel connected to you, she'll lose respect for you, and lose sexual attraction for you.


  • When you two first met, you weren't trying to make her happy in every moment.
  • You were the "self-centered, passionate, excited asshole" you were.
  • You had opinions. You had your own goals.
  • You did things just because you wanted to do them. Where has that man gone?

The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make in your marriage is to put life on autopilot.

It's time to correct course for the good of everyone in your life. Stop buying tickets to Space Mountain and letting her emotions throw you off the rails. While you are riding this ride of anxiety and confusion, trying to make her happy, she feels abandoned and turned off by you.


  • Your anxious energy makes her feel claustrophobic.
  • She can't feel your masculine presence and feels uncomfortable around you.
  • She would rather be by herself or go out with her girlfriends.


You MUST tend to yourself. You MUST be grounded in your masculinity to have a chance of being attractive to her, and to be valuable to others in life.


  1. Take a half step back.
  2. Turn your shoulders.
  3. Get back to what is important for you as a man.
  4. Bring your concerns and fears to other knowledgeable men in your life or to the men in our free Private Facebook group.


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