What Every Man Should Know When She Says, “You Never Listen to Me!”

confident man marriage advice men's coaching relationship advice relationship coaching Apr 25, 2021

How could she say, I don’t listen to her?!

Isn’t she ever happy?!

Having a girlfriend or wife that's always on your case for not listening is f*cking exhausting, and let's face it - it can DESTROY a good relationship.

When you're constantly at odds with your partner, intimacy goes out the window. Sex life takes a toll, and everybody's more tense…..

all the time.
Let's take a step back. How can you fix the issue of "not listening?"


Guys have a “Race Car” mind
It's important to understand that most of us guys have a race car mind: we think linearly, and we focus on the concept at hand. Most women think and act metaphorically, more circularly, like a unicorn frollocking through the meadow. 



Women in intimate relationship, unlike in the workplace, are on a completely different time-table, and she is experiencing the world emotionally. It can be very frustrating, but remember that she is just trying to let her feelings and thoughts out to you. Even if it might seem like it's taking her longer to get the point across, take a deep breath and focus:

  • While you might like to go straight to the point, this will not work for her. 
  • She wants to dance within the emotions, feel the flow of back-and-forth, and feel your masculine depth and strength. 

This means that she WANTS you to stand up for what you believe (in a calm, grounded way) and she WANTS you to own your beliefs and direction. However, her “unicorn frolicking” will be scared by your “race car” energy, speed, and loudness if you aren’t sensitive to her nature.

Slowing down is the key, and it can help you create a strong emotional connection with her so she'll finally feel like you're listening and caring! It might be a bit frustrating at first, but trust me - slow down for the connection to flow.

  • Do not try and fix.
  • Do not try and reason. 

Be in the emotion of the moment and let the unicorn frolic through the field of flowers.