Wife says I've "lost" myself? What does THAT mean?

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It’s winter again in Seattle -
Three months of solid gray skies.
Forcing yourself to walk each day at lunch, your earphones pulsing into your mind, you try to connect to your favorite power and success podcasts,
• Forcing out the fearful thought of losing your marriage.
• Forcing out the feeling of being a failure.
The days of the week are running together, monotone, marked only by slightly differing shades of gray.
Life is not going as you so carefully planned. 
You’ve planned well for your career. You excel at it. You invest well.  You know when and how to strike when opportunity knocks.  You’ve relied on your success as a “all-clear” pass to the good life, but you don’t feel good. 
Your wife is threatening divorce.  You slug through projects during the day, trying to ignore your wife’s lack of response to your texts, bidding for her connection. Your nights are interrupted with colorless, anxious dreams, robbing you of sleep and making this already miserable time in your marriage insufferable.
Last night, your wife sat across from you at dinner and said point blank,
“You’ve lost yourself.  It’s like you don’t even respect yourself.”
Her distaste curls around her nose like cigarette smoke.

How to get yourself back: What areas of life have you been ignoring?
Life contains all the colors of the rainbow, but you’ve focused on just one - career.
What about:
- Inspiring purpose
- Lover skills
- Emotional safety
- Friends
- Hobbies
- Travel
- Mojo/confidence
You’ve missed the myriad of colors of life.
Unknowingly, you’ve stumbled, instead of powerfully choosing the man you want to be.

Watch this video What areas of life have you been ignoring?:

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