How to overcome fear - try this

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Your wife claims she needs her freedom.
She wants space.
She wants separation.
Your wife claims she never got to "have her 20s,” and acts like divorce is her golden ticket to cut ties with commitment and responsibility. 
Anger covers the Fear you feel like a red cloak of protection.
Every morning you don its rusty varnish as if it were fire meant to melt the numb coldness of your deeper concerns.
You feel out of control of your wife’s decisions, her feelings, and her thoughts.
She’s not being logical.
She’s not being the best mom she can be to your son and daughter.
You feel Fear.
 • Fear for your marriage
 • Fear for your wife's well-being
 • Fear for your kids having to grow up in a divorced family
The Fear casts snow-blind eyes into your Kingly vision and pushes your wife further away with your attempts to speak reason into her being. Fear pushes you backwards on your journey on who you want to be as a man.
Tigers and Bears : One step forward at a time
Be present where the fear is inside your body and how far you are stringing the story of disillusion in your mind. Will you let the tiger eat you or will you try to numb it from your awareness?
Your Staff of Virtue is your power against .
 • You think...
 • You think...
 • You think...
Where is your fear in your body and your mind?
Are you aware of it and how far does the story go in your mind?
Where is our fear?
Are you aware of your fear and how far does the story go in your mind?
Does it just stop.
Bad catastrophes are going to happen.
The tiger is going to eat me and that is as far as you go with your fear.
Otherwise you avoid it, placate it, or numb it.- drink, eat (pie & cake)
Play it out in your mind
But that’s not the case
How do you want to be empowered in your mind?
The fear of fear is what is insidious
You can’t be afraid of fear
Homework to a man:
When he’s inclined to do something, he stops
5 minutes of jumping jacks and then go outside and “welcome the fear”
Welcome the feeling of lack of control
Welcome the fear that you don’t have the answer to anything
Welcome the fear that you don’t have it all solves, it’s not going to feel good
It’s going to feel shitty - feel that for 5 minutes - and then back to doing 5 more minutes of jumping jacks
Thrown a ball against the wall- cross body
Movement, acceptance, movement
Welcome the existential meditation
That’s moving through the fear
It’s not rocket science, it’s simple, “Can you accept the fear?”
 Watch this video to find out how to not let the fear of fear dictate your daily actions:

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