Wife is in control of our intimacy - what can I do?

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Picture this...

Your wife is seeing a therapist.
She comes home from her regular Tuesday session and while unloading the dishwasher, states,

"The therapist said that I should be the one who tells you IF or WHEN we are going to have sex.  I'm not comfortable with you touching me and I'm no longer going to have sex just because YOU want it. I don't want you to even hug me right now because you always try to make it mean more than it does.  These are my boundaries and you need to respect them."

This puts you, as a man, in an absolute Catch-22.
AND neuters your ability to lead in any capacity, leaving you with only 2 options:
1. Kill the fire within yourself and step into the “friend zone”
2. Become figuratively neutered and your wife’s passive roommate

So what do you do?
Watch this 3-min video to find out how you can masterfully lead when your wife is controlling the intimacy in your marriage.

  • Don't neuter yourself as a man
  • Don't turn out your pilot light of passion
  • To put it another way, don't kill the fire within you


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